How "Bad Gay" become more than just a parody.

  Bad Gay was born via iMessage with one of my close friends, Justin. 
One Friday afternoon, whilst sharing our favorite Britney memes and what gym class we missed that morning, came the topic of what each of us were doing that evening. The original conversation goes as follows:
With every idea, we are given the opportunity and power to engage and execute, or release and move on. After discussing and laughing about the potential of a song called "BAD GAY" for a few more minutes, I decided I would invest the time and money in a parody music video, solely because it sounded FUN.
Too often we set the bar of expectations way too high for ourselves, only for the fall to be that much harder when we don't succeed. With Bad Gay, there were none, and will continue to be none. BAD GAY is fun. BAD GAY is easy. Before you buy anything on this beauuutifully designed website that took 100 hours of Youtube tutorials, I thought you should know that birth of this project came out of friendship, spontaneity, and love.  
10% of all proceeds will be donated to local LGBTQ+ organizations across the greater Los Angeles area.